2.5 Gallon Plastic Jug with Graduation Marks

2.5 gallon plastic jug with 63mm cap

We stock a 2.5 gallon plastic jug with graduation marks.  This jug is made from high density polyethylene and is natural in color.  It is packed in a 2/pack reshipper box.  This package has a UN designation of UN4G/Y32/S.  This jug has both gallon and litre graduation marks.  The gallon marks are at 1 gallon and 2 gallon.  The litre marks are at 2 litre, 4 litre, 6 litre and 8 litre.  Features of the jug are as follows:

  • gallon and litre graduation marks
  • handle makes it easy to carry
  • f style helps to reduce shelf space
  • 2/pack reshipper box
  • UN4G/Y32/S
  • 63mm opening makes it easy to pour
  • natural colored high density polyethylene
  • used in chemical, beverage, food, healthcare, cleaning supply industries
  • choice of 2 caps (sold separately)
  • optional 3/4″ Flo Rite Faucet

Please call us at 203-288-3851 to ask for a sample.  Compatibility of your product with the packaging is the responsibility of the customer and we would be happy to provide a sample for testing.



2.5 Gallon F Style Plastic Jug in 2/Pack

Cap Choices

Optional Faucet


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