2.5 Gallon Rectangular F Style Bottles for Cleaning Solutions, Fertilizers and Degreasers

2.5 gallon plastic jug with 63mm cap

Our 2.5 gallon rectangular F style bottle is available in a 2/pack reshipper box and a 24/pack bulk box.  The 2/ pack bottles in the reshipper box are UN rated UN4G/Y32/S.  The bottles in the 24/pack bulk box have no UN rating.  We also stock two 63mm cap choices for this bottle.  Our RKCFS632502F217 cap is a solid cap and is the less expensive choice.  Our RKCSC-63R-143 cap has a 3/4″ center reducer and an EPDM gasket.  This center reducer can be punched out and the optional Florite faucet shown below can be threaded into the cap.  Made from translucent high density polyethylene, these FDA compliant bottles have both liter and gallon graduation marks allowing easy viewing of the liquid level in the bottle.  These bottles are rectangular in shape, making them both easy to transport and a good choice in situations where saving space is important.  Consider them for echo friendly cleaning solutions, degreasers, awning cleaning solutions, liquid fertilizers, animal repellent and more.  As always, compatibility of the product with the container is the responsibility of the shipper.  We would be most happy to send samples for testing with your product.





2.5 Gallon Bottle in 2/Pack Reshipper Box – UN Rated Un4G/Y32/S

2.5 Gallon Bottle in Bulk Pack – 24/Case – Bulk Pack Bottles have No UN Rating

63mm Caps

Optional Florite Faucet








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