2 x 1 Litre Plastic Bottles in 4G Packaging – ENT-KIT-2X1L

We stock 2 x 1 Litre 4G poly combo packaging with a UN rating of UN4G/Y8.3/S/13/USA/+AG0601.  This kit is shipped unassembled and consists of the following parts:

  • VCI13805        Box
  • VCI13806        Top Tray for 2 x 1 L Kit
  • VCI13825        2 Cell Partition Assembled for 2 x 1 Litre Kit

Pricing for all 3 pieces of corrugated is as follows:

and your choice of either the Amber or Natural Litre bottles listed below – 2 cells per box – 1 bottle per cell:

**Please note: No substitutions can be made for these bottles.**

These kits require the use of Bel Art bottles only for UN compliance.

If you need a 500 ml (approx. 16 oz) bottle, you may also use BAP800100381, only 1 bottle per cell, if you fill void space around each bottle so that bottle is secure in each cell.

Assembly Instructions (as shown below) are listed on the paperwork shipped with your order.


1)  Set up one box#VCI13805.  Use one of the tapes described
in the current +AG0601 COC
2)  Place assembled 2 cell partition#13825 in above box.
3)  Place one 1000ml Precisionware wide mouth(53mm) bottle
BOTTLES.  Hand tighten caps to 40 in-lbs.  We recommend the use of a preset                 torque wrench, such as Seekonk’s BT-1R.  Bottles may be bagged in                                  bags#LDP3467,
closed with twist tie or tape, NO CABLE TIES.  Bag
closure must be tucked down alongside cap and not
allowed to rest on top.  BAGS ARE NOT REQUIRED.
4)  Insert top tray#VCI13806 until it rests on top of partition.
5)  Seal box as in step #1.

Packages are authorized for compatible products with S.G.
up to 1.7.  Bottles have passed a 100 KPA hydrostatic test.

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