24 Gauge Steel Pails

Are you looking to purchase a heavy gauge steel pail?  Pail steel is generally 29 gauge to 24 gauge.  The lower the number, the heavier the steel.  Yankee Containers stocks a large assortment of 24 gauge steel pails.  Pail gauge is especially important when buying a lined pail.  The heavier the steel, the more resistant to denting and therefore there is less chance that the linings will crack.

Please scroll down for a list of available open head (cover is removable) 24 gauge steel pails and covers followed by a list of tight head (cover not removable) 24 gauge steel pails.

Open Head Steel Pails

Please Note:  Lug Covers, Dish Covers, and Leverlock rings are sold separately

Please Note: The following pail comes with the cover

Tight Head Steel Pails

Rieke Spout (Needed for Pails w/Rieke Openings)

Please Note: Rieke Spouts are sold separately for tight head pails with rieke openings



Rieke FlexSpout Crimping Tool

Please Note: The Rieke Flexspout crimping tool is sold separately.










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