26 Gauge Steel Pails

Are you looking for a steel pail with a removable cover?  Yankee Containers stocks several open head (cover is removable) 26 gauge steel pails.   Pail steel is generally 29 gauge to 24 gauge.  The lower the gauge, the heavier the steel.  Yankee Containers stocks three different open head steel pails in 26 gauge. The one shown in the picture on the right is a 5 gallon black unlined pail with rust inhibitor.  It is our item # JAC-10PH-HG-A4AA.  This pail has a UN rating of UN1A2/Y1.5/100 when used with our lug cover #JAC-10PH-QX-P4AU.  Covers for pails are always sold separately.

Also available is a 3.5 gallon black unlined open head steel pail in 26 gauge with rust inhibitor.  This is our item # JAC-10PH-KB-A4AA.  It has a UN rating of UN1A2/Y1.5/100 and uses lug cover JAC-10PH-QX-P4AU.

The third pail which we stock in 26 gauge is a 5 gallon gray open head pail with a red phenolic lining.  This is our item # JAC-10PH-HG-A8BA.  It has a UN rating of UN1A2/Y1.5/100.  To keep the UN rating valid, the only cover that can be used is JAC-10PH-HX-P8BR.


Below the picture section, you will find pricing on the above pails and lids.

Open Head Steel Pails

Lug Covers







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