29 Gauge – Lighter Weight – Steel Pail

We stock open head steel pails in 26 gauge and 24 gauge.  Recently, we added a 29 gauge pail to our inventory.  This pail is the lightest weight steel pail that we have.  It is black steel, unlined, with a rust inhibitor.  It does not have a UN rating.

Obviously, the advantage to this pail is reduced cost.  The pail weight is approximately 2.312 lbs., as compared to our JAC-10PH-HG-A4AA – 26 gauge pail which weighs approximately 3.023 lbs.

Not all customers need a heavy gauge steel or a UN rated pail.  Perhaps this pail can be used when those requirements are not necessary.  As always, we would be happy to send a sample so that you can test the pail for your needs.

Below you will find a lug cover or a dish cover and ring that can be used with this pail.  The lug cover is 26 gauge.  The dish cover is 24 gauge.

5 Gallon Round Black Steel Pail

Lug Cover

Dish Cover and Lever Lock Ring





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