3.5 Gallon Containers

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Our 3.5 gallon size containers consist of plastic and steel pails.  We stock the following choices:

  • White heavy duty plastic pail – solid cover or flexspout cover sold separately
  • Black heavy duty plastic pail – solid cover or flexspout cover sold separately
  • Twist & Lock pail – cover sold separately
  • Open head steel pail – choice of lug cover or dish cover and ring – sold separately
  • Tight head steel pail – Rieke Flexspout sold separately



3.5 Gallon Heavy Duty Plastic Pails  – covers sold separately

We carry 3.5 gallon heavy duty plastic pails in both white and black.  Solid covers come in black, gray, green, red or white.  Our spouted covers come in white or black.  You can instantly know the contents of the bucket by choosing different colored covers.

3.5 Gallon Twist & Lock Pail – cover sold separately

Out 3.5 gallon twist & lock pail may only be used with the twist & lock cover.  For more information on twist & lock pails, please click here.

3.5 Gallon Open Head Steel Pail – Choice of Lug Cover or Dish Cover and Ring – sold separately

Our 3.5 gallon black, unlined, open head steel pail has a UN rating of UN1A2/Y30/S.  You may buy the pail only (no cover), however, if you need a cover, you must choose either the lug cover (shown below) or the dish cover and the ring (shown below).  Those are the only covers that will keep the UN rating valid.

3.5 Gallon Closed Head (Tight Head) Steel Pail – Rieke Flexspout sold sepatately

Our 3.5 gallon tight head grey steel pail has a red phenolic lining.  You must use a Rieke flexspout (sold separately) on this pail.

For more information on this pail (drum), please click here.

For more information on Rieke Flexspouts, please click here.







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