3.5 Gallon Grey Steel Closed Head (Tight Head) Pail or Drum

Among the steel pails (drums) that we stock, we have a 3.5 gallon grey 24 gauge steel pail with a Rieke opening.  This pail has an IC525 red phenolic lining.  It also has a UN rating of UN1A1/X1.4/280.  Red phenolic linings are frequently used in the transportation of  agricultural chemicals, flavors, fragrances, acids and organic solvents.  With it’s X rating, this pail (drum) can be used for Packing Groups I, II and III.  Again, as we always advise, it is up to the user to ensure product compatibility with this container.  We suggest you obtain a sample (which we would be most happy to send) and test to be sure.  This drum has a rieke opening which means you will receive the pail with the dust cap on it.   You must purchase a Rieke flexspout (sold separately) and then you would fill your pail with your product, use a Rieke flexspout crimper (also sold separately) and crimp the flexspout to the container before shipping.








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Author: Gail

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