3 Pint Wide Mouth Jar with 110 400 Opening

We stock a 3 pint wide mouth white jar.  It is made with high density polyethylene making it:

  • economical
  • impact resistant
  • flexible

This jar is intended for dry products such as pills, powders and pastes.

The large 110 400 mm opening, approximately 4 1/2 inches, makes it easy to fill and to empty.  It is 6.97 inches tall and 4.875 inches in diameter.  This jar has an overflow volume of 1930 ml +/- 24 ml.

If you think this jar would meet your specifications, please call or email us, and we would be happy to send a sample.  As always, it is the responsibility of the shipper to be sure his product is compatible with the container.

3 Pint Jar

110 400 Cap Choices


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Author: Gail

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