32 Oz Containers – Quart

  • We have a large selection of 32 ounce (and one 37 oz) containers.  Among these we stock the following:
  • glass bottles
  • glass jars
  • plastic bottles (cylinders, modern rounds)
  • plastic jars (wide mouth and injection molded)
  • f style plastic bottle
  • plastic carafe
  • fluorinated f style jug with a handle
  • plastic tub
  • slip cover tin
  • f style quart tin
  • paint cans (lined and unlined)
  • vapor lock
  • plastic paint can




Glass Bottles

We carry 32 ounce boston round glass bottles in flint (clear) and amber.

Glass Jars

We carry a 32 ounce mayo jar with a 70 450 opening and a 32 ounce 89 400 straight sided wide mouth jar.  We also carry a 950 cc amber glass jar with a 53mm opening.

Plastic Bottles & Jars

Our plastic bottles and jars consist of cylinders, modern rounds and wide mouth rounds.

Plastic F Style Bottle and Plastic Carafe

We carry both a 32 ounce 284 10 carafe and a 38 400 f style bottle.

Regular Wall Injection Molded Jars

Our 32 ounce regular wall injection molded jar comes in your choice of clear polystyrene, white or clarified polypropylene.

Plastic Tubs

Please note that lids for the 32 ounce tubs are sold separately.

Slip Cover Tin

Our slip cover tin is also known as an ink tin, candle tin and a tea tin.

More information on our slip cover tins can be found here.

F Style Quart Tin

Caps and seals for our F style quart tin, also known as a turpentine can, are sold separately.

Paint Cans

We stock three different quart paint cans.  We stock an unlined can, a grey lined (pigmented epoxy phenolic) and a gold lined (non pigmented epoxy phenolic).  Lids, or  plugs, are sold separately.

37 Ounce Vapor Lock

Our vapor lock containers are very sturdy.

More information on vapor lock containers can be found here.

Plastic Paint Can – Lid sold separately

Our plastic paint cans are good for latex paints, colorants and other water based products.  More information on these can be found here.









A list of cap choices can be found here.


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