38mm Spigot or Faucet

Our 38mm spigot or faucet may be used on 38mm openings. Filling free flowing liquids through small openings can be frustrating and messy.  This faucet is designed to work with bottle openings as small as 3/8″.  The polypropylene and polyethylene construction handles almost any non-flammable liquid.  Half turn allows on/off for quick, precise flow control.  This faucet has a collar with 38mm internal threads for attaching to containers.

  • Faucet Body: LLDPE/Polypropylene
  • Spigot/Spout:  8mm Polypropylene
  • Screw Ring: Polypropylene

Please call for a sample for testing with your product as compatibility of the product with this faucet is the responsibility or the customer/end user.  We would be happy to send a sample for testing.

38mm Spigot



Categories: caps and closures

Author: Gail

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