4 Litre Center Fill Jug in a 4G Kit

We stock some 4G kits. One of these kits is comprised of 4 parts. It has a black 38439 acid cap, a 4 litre center fill 38439 acid jug, a 1×4 litre poly combo UN box which holds one 4 litre jug and an insert for the box. The item number for this kit is ENT-KIT#4LPB. It has a UN rating of UN4G/Y6.5/S.  If you don’t need a UN rating for your product but would like to buy the jug and cap separately you can check out our item # RCC68930-08 – 4 litre jug 40/case and the cap is item # OBMJ4101B/F422.   The picking ticket and the invoice for this kit come with very detailed instructions so that you will be sure to be in compliance with the UN rating when you assemble the kit.



Categories: combination packaging

Author: Gail

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