4 Oz Containers

Among our 4 oz containers, we carry several different choices of material.  We carry plastic bottles and jars, glass bottles and jars, a 4 oz paint can and plug, a 4 oz slip cover can and a 4 oz plastic vapor lock container and lid.  Please note that in most cases caps and plugs are sold separately.

The glass selection consists of:

  • 120 cc Amber
  • Boston round flint (clear)
  • Boston round amber
  • Ac jar
  • French Square
  • Standard Round
  • Straight Sided round

The plastic bottle selection consists of:

  • high density cylinder
  • low density polyethylene boston round

The plastic jar selection consists of :

  • regular wall clear polystyrene
  • regular wall clarified polypropylene
  • regular wall white polypropylene
  • thick wall clear polystyrene
  • thick wall clarified polypropylene
  • thick wall white polypropylene

The tin can selection consists of :

  • 1/4 pint round paint can and plug
  • Slip cover can

Vapor Lock

  • 4 oz vapor lock container and plug


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