4 x 1 Gallon Tamper Evident Jugs in a UN4G Package with a 4/275C Reshipper Box

We carry a plastic gallon jug that is packed in a 4/pack reshipper box with a UN designation of UN4G/Y22.9/S.  Each jug is made from high density polyethylene and is natural in color.  The jugs are FDA approved 150 gram jugs and are ribbed at the top to allow for easier gripping.  The box has a C flute and is a single wall box with a bursting test measure of 275 lbs.  The jugs are tamper evident and may only be used with only one cap – item # JAC-40NP-8004.  These caps are sold separately, however the jugs are shipped with a dust cap as shown in the picture to the right.  Once this tamper evident cap is applied to the bottle or jug, it cannot be removed without leaving behind a ring as shown in the pictures below.  PLEASE NOTE:  Prices below are per bottle, not per 4/pack.  As always, the compatibility of the product with the packaging is the responsibility of the shipper and we suggest you ask for a sample for testing with your product.




1 Gallon Tamper Evident Bottle

38mm Tamper Evident Cap



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