4 x 4 Liter 4G Packaging

We often get requests for 4G packaging.  Our 4G packaging, or combination packaging, consists of several pieces which, when combined, produce a UN4G rated package or kit.  One of the kits we stock is our item number ENT-KIT#4X1U.  This kit has a quantity of four – 4 Liter or 1 gallon Center Fill jugs (also known as acid jugs).  These jugs are made from natural high density polyethylene and have a 38439 opening.  The kit also has a black  polypropylene 38439 acid cap.  These 4 jugs are then placed in a box made specially for this package with an insert and an honeycell brace.  All parts together give this kit a UN rating of UN4G/Y26.6/S.  The box is a 4/pack reshipper box. Our picking ticket (packing list) is provided with detailed instructions on how to set this kit up properly in order to be in compliance with the UN rating when it is shipped.  As always, the end user is responsible to ensure that the product is compatible with the packaging.  This kit is not certified for air shipments.




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Author: Gail

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