40 ounce PET jar

Are you looking for a 40 oz. clear plastic jar made of polyethylene terephthalate , commonly abbreviated as PET or PETE?  We stock a 40 ounce round jar, our item # POC4011, with an 89400 opening. Caps are sold separately. The exterior dimensions in inches are as follows:  W: 3.875  and H: 6.550.  The following characteristics are used to describe PET plastic:

  • clarity
  • strong
  • economical
  • lightweight
  • shatterproof

In general, our 40 ounce PET jar is safe for storing food, beverages, personal care products, medical and pharmaceutical applications, among other things.  Yankee Containers always recommends that your ask for a sample and test your product for compatibility.









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Author: Carol

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