40 oz Jars for Acrylic Stucco Color Samples

Consider our 40 ounce wide mouth 120mm clarified polypropylene jar for color matching samples.  Customers in the masonry trade often times have to color match stucco to a customer’s satisfaction.  Or perhaps, a customer would like several different color samples to help him or her make their color choice.  Mixing a gallon for sampling can be expensive.  Our 40 ounce jar is made out of clarified polypropylene.  It is sturdy and translucent and the wide 120 400 opening (approximately 5 inches) makes it easy to fill and empty.  Customize the jar by adding a label with your company name and logo.

Jar specifications are as follows:

  • Clarified polypropylene
  • 75 jars per case
  • 120 400 opening
  • Outside Height 5.070″
  • Outside Diameter 4.584″

Allow us to send a sample for testing with your product.


40 Ounce Clarified Polypropylene Jar

120mm Plastic Cap



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Author: Gail

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