In the closing instructions on our steel tighthead drums, for example, CSCP2-07-01NILES, you will see a reference to 49CFR178.2(c) Notification.  However, what does this actually mean.  This refers to CFR – Code of Federal Regulations – Title 49 – Part 178.2 – Applicability & Responsibility  – Subpart C – Notification.  You can always look up the code in it’s entirety for exact wording but as a brief explanation,  it states that the manufacturer or other person certifying compliance with the requirements of this part, and each subsequent distributor of the packaging must notify each person to whom the packaging is transferred with information specifying the type(s) and dimensions of the closures, including gaskets and any other components needed to ensure that the packaging is capable of successfully passing the applicable performance tests.  Again, referring to CSCP2-07-01NILES, the closing instructions tell you that the plugs are 2″ and 3/4″ Rieke Visegrip II steel plugs with irradiated PE gaskets.  They state the UN rating of UN1A1/X1.6/250 (see UN ratings article for explanation of rating) and then instruct you to torque the 2″ plug to 40 FT-LBS and to torque the 3/4″ plug to 20 FT-LBS.  This information is printed on the packing list that will accompany your shipment and it is again printed on the invoice you will receive.


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