5 Gallon 15 MIL HDPE Rigid Pail Liner

Our 5 gallon rigid pail liner is made from 15 mil HDPE.  Pail liners are disposable and are commonly used in steel pails to reduce the expense of cleaning or replacing the pails.  They are vacuum formed and constructed without seams helping to insure product purity.  They are great for use with high speed pumping and mixing.  Pail liners can be used in house or for storing and shipping product.  They are commonly used for storing paints, coatings, inks, foods, cosmetics, adhesives and pharmaceutical products.  Simply insert one into a steel pail, mix your product and dispose of the liner when done, leaving your pail clean and ready for the next use.





Categories: Steel Pail Linings

Author: Gail

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