5 Gallon Bucket for Shipping Liquids

Are you looking to store or transport hazardous material in a 5 gallon plastic bucket or pail? Yankee Containers stocks a white plastic 5 gallon bucket which is UN rated for liquids.  It is our item # PCI-12379.  The UN rating on this pail is UN1H2/Y1.5/30.  These durable containers are made of HDPE ( high density polyethylene).  A child warning label is stamped on each pail. We sell two types of covers for the  bucket, a plain gasketed cover, and a gasketed cover with a flexspout. These plastic pails are packed 20 per case or 120 per tray. We price based on quantity ordered, therefore the more you purchase, the lower the cost per pail.


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Author: Carol

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