5 Gallon Containers for Maple Syrup

Several of our customers that produce maple syrup need 5 gallon containers to both ship and store their maple syrup.  We have three containers that are popular for this purpose, whether selling to a small wholesale maple syrup customer or even a large retail customer.  Our natural translucent rectangular tight head  maple syrup drum is blow molded from high density polyethylene.  It has a swing handle on the top.  It comes with an 28mm vent cap.  The larger 70mm cap is sold separately.

Our round maple syrup drums come in natural and blue.  These maple syrup drums differ slightly in that the natural drum has both an 28mm vent cap (included) and a 70mm cap (sold separately).  The blue drum has only a 70mm cap (sold separately) but does not have the 28mm vent cap.  These are secure, sturdy shipping containers.  They have a swing handle for easy lifting and pouring.





Cap Choices




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Author: Gail

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