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We stock several selections in 5 gallon containers, both in steel and plastic.  We have heavy duty plastic pails in 5 and 5.5 gallon.  We carry a 5 gallon twist and lock and a 5 gallon UN liquid pail.  We carry solid teartab covers and spouted teartab covers (sold separately) for those pails.  Please note the 5 gallon UN liquid pail and 5 gallon Twist & Lock pail take specific covers as noted below.  Other selections in 5 gallon plastic are kubes, plastic drums, both round and rectangular, and water bottles.  You can click on an individual item for more information such as dimensions, price, and UN rating.  Please note that our plastic pails and drums are food grade with the exception of the black.

Our steel selections include both open head and closed head (tight head) pails and drums.  We also carry a 5 gallon composite pail or drum and a combination packaging Packing Group I drum. You will find a list below of dish covers, rings and lug covers for the 5 gallon open head steel pails, and also listed is a flexspout for the closed head steel pails. The flexspout is sold separately and a flexspout crimping tool, also sold separately, is needed to attach the flexspout to the pails.  Covers are sold separately and, as always, product compatibility is the responsibility of the end user.  Our customer service representatives can help you with your selection of the proper cover to keep the UN rating valid.

5 and 5.5 Gallon Plastic Pails (Buckets)

We stock 5 and 5.5 gallon heavy duty plastic pails in white, natural black and grey.

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Solid Teartab Covers for 5 Gallon Plastic Pails

Listed below is a selection of solid teartab covers (no spout).

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Spouted Teartab Covers for 5 Gallon Plastic Pails

Listed below are spouted covers with a Rieke flexspout.

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Covers for 5 Gallon UN Liquid Pail

You may choose either a solid cover or a spouted cover for the the UN liquid pail.

Cover for 5 Gallon Twist & Lock Pail

Note the lugs on the cover fit into the slots on the pail and then simply twist to lock the cover in place.

5 Gallon Plastic Drums

We stock 5 gallon plastic drums or jerricans in both round and rectangular styles

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5 Gallon Water Bottle/Jug (Deltangulars)

We stock a 5 gallon water bottle/jug (bottle only – no UN rating) and also the same bottle/jug in a box with a UN rating of UN4G/Y31.2/S.  Note the bottles have graduation marks.



Closures for 5 Gallon Drums

 5 Gallon Steel

We stock 5 gallon open head steel and closed head (tight head) steel pails or drums.  Among the choices are lined, unlined, composite and Packing Group I drums.

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Covers for 5 Gallon Open Head Steel Pails

Listed below are dish covers, lug covers and a lever locking ring.

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 Flexspout Closure for 5 Gallon Closed Head (Tight Head) Steel Pails


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