5 Gallon Delex Tight-Head Container (Drum)

5 gallon drums, plastic tighthead pails, carboys, jerricans

We stock 5 gallon delex HDPE containers, also known as jerricans or drums, in black (NAMPAC400850), blue (NAMPAC400851) and natural (NAMPAC400852). This drum has a UN rating of UN3H1/Y1.9/150 or UN3H1/Y1.4/100 when vented. It is a blow molded container with an integral handle. The closure on this drum is a 2″ buttress plug with a 3/4″ NPS (National Pipe Standard) reducer. The rectangular shape and stackable design minimize storage space.  We supply this drum with a Brandt plug with an EPDM gasket.  It is suitable for hazardous liquids in packing groups II (Y) and III (Z).    As always, it is the responsibility of the end user to determine product compatibility.





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Author: Gail

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