5 Gallon Fiber (Fibre) Drum

At Yankee Containers, we sell a number of different fiber (fibre) drums along with its inventory of plastic, steel, glass, tin and cardboard packaging options.  The drum featured in the picture on the right is our 5 gallon Standard All Fibre drum.  This is our item # SFD024913.  The many benefits of fibre drums for shipping or storing dry materials include:

  • lightweight
  • cost savings vs. steel drums
  • no metal parts
  • can be recycled

This particular 5 gallon fiber drum has a UN rating of UN1G/Y30/S.  The dimensions are as follows:

Exterior W:  11.5625 inches

Exterior H:  12.5  inches

Interior L:    11 inches inside diameter

Interior H:   12 1/4 inches inside height


In order to close the drum, simply:

  1. Push cover down until it touches the top of the drum body.
  2. Secure with 3 inch wide adhesive backed tape.
  3. Wrap completely around 3 times, 1.5 inches on cover and 1.5 inches on the drum body.

A complete list of all available fiber drums can be found here





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