5 Gallon Plastic Pails for Recycling Waste

Among the plastic pails we stock is a 5 gallon plastic pail commonly used for recycling waste.  It is our Twist & Lock pail with it’s patented twist and lock closure system.  Simply seat the cover, which has tabs, upon the pail, which has slots, and twist to lock in place.  To unlock just push the tab and twist.  This is a heavy duty pail with a 90 mil wall thickness and it is made from high density polyethylene.  This pail is FDA compliant, however it does have a UN rating of UN1H2/Y25/S for hazardous solids.  We have been told that some of our recycling customers use these for:

  • compact fluorescent bulb recycling
  • ballast waste recycling
  • battery waste recycling

These pails are also popular for chlorine and pool chemicals.  Unlike most of our other plastic pails, they have a plastic handle.  This is important in an environment where corrosive products would cause pitting of steel pail handles.  As always, compatibility of the product with the container is the responsibility of the shipper.  Please call for a sample for testing with your product.

5 Gallon Twist & Lock Pail

Twist & Lock Lid



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