5 Gallon Plastic Rectangular Tight Head Containers in Natural, Black or Blue

5 gallon plastic rectangular tight head containers are available in natural, blue or black.  They are available with swing handles or with integral handles.  Our item # KLW-EC1970NTNA-1A is a UN4G package, available in a box.  Our item # KLW-EC1970NTNA-B has gallon graduation marks but is not UN rated.  All of the other containers on this page have a UN designation and are rated for hazardous materials.  These containers are commonly referred to as jerricans or jerrycans.  They are also referred to as chemical jugs, however, they are frequently used for shipping and storing non-hazardous product such as cleaning solutions, janitorial supplies and even maple syrup.  All containers, with the exception of the black, are food grade.  Please scroll down past the pictures for the item numbers and pricing.




Rectangular Containers with Swing Handles – Caps Sold Separately

Rectangular Containers with Integral Handles and Buttress Plugs Included

UN4G Plastic Bottle with Box – E-tainer

Non UN Rated Plastic Bottle with Graduation Marks
















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