5 Gallon Tight Head HDPE Shipping Containers

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Our 5 gallon tight head HDPE shipping containers are available in natural, black and blue.  Choices include a 20 Litre Kube which is an assembled plastic bag in a UN4G box.  Our 5 gallon round natural container has a 28mm vent cap included.  The 70mm Tamper Evident Cap for this item is sold separately.  The 70mm Tamper Evident cap has a 3/4″ center reducer which can be knocked out and a 3/4″ FloRite faucet can be threaded into the cap, if needed.  Our 5 gallon round blue shipping container has NO ventcap.  The 70mm cap choices, sold separately, are listed below.  Our rectangular natural and black shipping containers both have a 28mm vent cap included.  The 70mm cap choices, sold separately, are listed below.  Our three Delex containers in blue, natural or black have a 2″ buttress plug which is included in the price.  Finally, our 4.6 gallon oil bottle in a box takes a 63mm cap, sold separately.  Some of our shipping containers have a UN designation and some do not.  This information can be found in each item description.  All containers on this page, with the exception of the black containers, are FDA compliant.  As always, compatibility of the product with the shipping container is the responsibility of the shipper.  Please call us for a sample for testing with your product.

20 Litre Kube – Cap Included

5 Gallon Round Natural – 70TE Cap Sold Separately

5 Gallon Round and Rectangular – 70mm Cap Sold Separately

5 Gallon Delex Containers – 2″ Buttress Plug Included

4.6 Gallon Oil Bottle – Caps Sold Separately












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