5 gallon Unlined Steel Pail with Push/Pull Spout

We have recently been asked if we carry a 5 gallon tight head (cover not removable) unlined steel bucket that would be suitable for transporting hot oil, approximately 250 degrees F. The customer wanted a closed top so that the oil would not splash around, therefore the customer needed  a tight head pail over an open head pail. We recommended our item# SPC0005CS2U013 which is a black 5 gallon tight head steel pail with a 2  1/8 inch screw cap. When you remove the cap, there is a push pull spout which can be lifted up. A funnel can then be placed in the opening for ease of pouring. The steel pail can be emptied more easily using the push pull spout. This unlined steel pail is 26 gauge and has a UN rating of UN1A1/Y1.8/240.


Categories: steel pails

Author: Carol

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