5 Gallon X Rated Packing Group I Combination Package

Our 5 gallon 24 gauge steel pail with a plastic insert is Item # CSCP2-12-01-PGI.  This is an X rated, Packing Group I combination package.  This container consists of two packages that are assembled as one product.  One difference between combination packaging and composite packaging is that combination packaging can be disassembled and reassembled and still maintain the integrity and usefulness of the package.  This pail has a UN rating of UN1A2/X50/S.  The inner container passed a hydrostatic pressure test to 95 KPA (Kilopascals).  The inner container is high density polyethylene and it has one 2″ buttress plug.

The steel cover is held on with a bolt ring.  This ring is secured with a nut and bolt.  The cover comes completely off, allowing access to the plastic insert inside.  Simply remove the cover, fill the plastic container with your product and then secure the cover with the nut and bolt.  This type of package is useful where the integrity of  your product would be compromised in an unlined steel pail or a steel pail with a sprayed on lining. The container has a fold down handle on the top for easier removal from and replacement in the pail.







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Author: Gail

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