55 Gallon Drums in Plastic, Steel or Fiber



We stock a wide selection of 55 gallon drums.  Most drums are UN rated.  You can view these drums below separated into three groups – Plastic – Steel and Fiber.  By clicking on the individual items, you can bring up more information, such as the dimensions of the drums, the UN ratings, whether they are closed head or open head and, in the steel drum category, whether they are lined or unlined.



 Plastic Drums

Our plastic drums are available in both closed head (cover does not come off) and open head (cover comes off). They come in blue, natural (translucent) and black.  All of our plastic drums are food grade.  Click on each drum to view it’s UN designation.




Steel Drums

Our steel drums are also available in both closed head and open head styles.  These drums are available both lined and unlined.  We stock a composite steel drum with a polyethylene liner and also an open head drum with a .8 mil red phenolic coating and a plastic inert and cover.  As mentioned above, click on each drum to view it’s UN designation.



Fiber Drums

Our 55 gallon fiber drum is a Lok-rim drum.  It has a steel cover that is held on with a metal band.  This drum is also UN rated.



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Author: Gail

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