55 Gallon Tight Head Composite Steel Drum with Polyethylene Liner

Our 55 gallon tight head composite steel drum provides the strength and durability of steel with the chemical safety of a plastic drum.  This is a double protection drum for both hazardous and non-hazardous product.  It is a Packing Group I (X) drum that would also be suitable for materials in the Packing Group II and III categories.  It has a UN designation of UN6HA1/X1.6/300. The inner polyethylene drum is precision molded in one piece and is made from high density polyethylene.  The manufacturer advises that the specification for wall thickness of this polyethylene drum (liner) is .060 – .080″.  This drum has two 2″ buttress plugs that are threaded directly into the drum to help prevent leaking and to help prevent corrosion of the steel overpack.  It has the proven features of steel and high quality plastic for an extremely sturdy and flexible packaging concept.  The body is a standard hoop formed with side seam resistance.  Common uses for this drum include industrial chemicals, paint, inks, dyes, petro chemicals, water treatment chemicals, flammable liquids, corrosives and acids.  As always, product compatibility with the container is the responsibility of the shipper.

55 Gallon Composite Drum



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