6 Gallon Bucket or Pail

Yankee Containers carries plastic buckets or pails in a variety of sizes.  The one featured in the image on the right is our 6 gallon white heavy duty pail.  This is our item # PCI48BWHHTSSL-2.  This durable shipping container is made of high density polyethylene.  It has a UN rating of UN1H2/Y27/S which becomes important if you are shipping hazardous material.  Lids are sold separately for our plastic pails.  If shipping by UPS Ground or FedEx Ground, 16 pails make up a case. If shipping by a common carrier, 84 pails fit on a tray.  The dimensions are as follows:

Exterior in Inches:

L:  Bottom Diameter  10 1/4

W: Top Diameter    12 1/4

H:  17 15/16

This is a detailed list of all plastic pails/buckets currently available for sale











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