64 Oz (1/2 Gallon) F Style Fluorinated Jug

Our half gallon (64 oz) F style jug with a 38 400 opening is made from white high density polyethylene and is fluorinated.  Fluorination is known as a barrier treatment.  One important reason for using a fluorination treatment on bottles and jugs is to stop permeation.  With permeation, some active ingredients of your product may pass through the container and evaporate.  This can compromise your product.  The method used to fluorinate this jug is in-line fluorination.  In-line fluorination produces an effective permeation barrier at the inner wall.  The treated surface is then resistant to deterioration from chemical attack.  The fluorination treatment can also increase product shelf life and consistency.  Fluorination can also help to reduce loss of fragrances and flavors.

Fluorinated containers are used in many applications such as – insecticides, herbicides, cleaning solvents, and penetrating oils.  They are used in the cosmetics industry and food and beverage industry.  Also used for health care products, agriculture, and products with fuels and additives.

We stock fluorinated jugs in gallon (128 oz), half gallon (64 oz), quart (32 oz) and pint (16 oz) sizes.  All of our fluorinated jugs have handles for easy pouring and filling.

Half Gallon (64 Oz) F Style White Fluorinated Jug

38 400 Plastic Caps

38 400 Metal Caps


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