7 Gallon Pails or Drums

The largest steel pail we stock is a 7 gallon lined tight head or closed head pail.  This pail has a 2 coat olive drab phenolic lining.  The UN rating is UN1A1/Y1.6/280.  Basically, a rieke opening is a hole in the pail that allows the end user to crimp on a Rieke Flexspout ®.  For more information on flexspouts see this article.  Detailed pictures can be found below.  This is a pail that is meant for liquids. The end user fills his/her pail with product and then attaches a Rieke Flexspout® before using or shipping the pail.  For information on other sizes of  pails with Rieke openings that we stock see this article.












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Author: Gail

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