Advantages of Using Fiber Drums with Lock On Covers

There are several advantages to using fiber drums with lock on covers, also called Leverpak or Lok-rim drums, and in using fiber drums in general rather than steel drums.  Fiber drums have a low tare weight (weight of the empty container) making them easier to lift and reducing shipping costs.  The Lok-rim closure allows easy opening and closing.  The full top assures quick filling and dispensing.  Covers are available in steel, plastic or fiber.  Leverpak fiber drums offer strength against impact with their top and bottom chimes which deliver added side compression strength.  Lok-rim fiber drums reduce denting and rust that can occur with steel. The metal reinforced top crimp provides impact strength to Leverpak drums.  The special lip and cover construction facilitates use of standard “parrot beak” handling equipment.  The rugged bottom chime provides impact strength which makes hand rolling of filled drums easier.  The locking band has a snap over lever handle which can be locked and secured with standard wire or plastic seals.  The top and bottom chimes are electro or hot-dipped galvanized steel for corrosion resistance.  The bottom crimp securely anchors the bottom to the sidewall.

Fibre Drums – 7.5 Gallon – 55 Gallon Sizes









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