Advantages of Using Steel Pails and Drums for Packaging

There are many advantages to using steel pails and drums for your packaging needs, and we stock a variety of  steel pail choices.  Among our selections we stock:

  • Open head
  • Tight head with Bungs
  • Lined
  • Unlined with Rust Inhibitor
  • Tight head with Rieke Opening
  • UN Rated for Hazardous Product
  • Non-UN
  • Plastic Lined
  • Dish Covers
  • Lug Covers
  • Lever Locking Rings
  • Pull Spout Pail

Steel is tough, reliant and economical.  When strength is an important factor in product packaging, there is no substitute for steel pails and drums.  They are resistant to fire, making them a great choice for flammable and combustible materials. We stock lined steel pails with epoxy phenolic linings, red phenolic linings, olive drab phenolic linings and clear phenolic linings.  You can find specific information on our different linings by clicking here.

For a complete list of our steel pails, please click here.



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Author: Gail

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