Are your plastic tubs freezer safe?

Most of our tubs are made of High Density Polyethylene and can be frozen to -20 degrees F. Testing is advised. Our 64 oz. tub (our item# PPC02CL6400PS), which is made of natural polypropylene is the best choice for freezing. We currently stock white plastic tubs in 16 ounce (item # PPC02CL1601), 32 ounce (item # PPC02C43201) , 86 ounce (called 5 pound, item# PPC02CL8601)  and 10 pound (item # PPC02L16801)  sizes.

The 64 ounce tub mentioned above is in a natural color, as is the 128 ounce or one gallon size. Lids for all of the above mentioned sizes are sold separately.



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Author: Carol

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