Bait Jars

We have been asked by customers in the commercial lobster business if we sell “bait jars.” One customer in California was looking to put salmon heads in a plastic jar. They chose the jar pictured on the right. It is our item # CBIA8404811000WHT. We call this a 3 pint white plastic jar. This round wide mouth plastic jar is made of durable high density polyethylene. Caps are sold separately. This jar has a 110400 mm opening (approximately 4 1/2 inches).  The exterior width is 4.875 inches and the exterior height is 6.97 inches.  Another possible option for storing bait may be one of our 2 or 5 gallon plastic pails. Pricing for these items will be listed following the pictures. Covers for the plastic pails are sold separately.













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Author: Carol

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