Biodegradable Cellulose Seals

Our celons, biodegradable cellulose seals, are non-toxic and recyclable.  They are made from regenerated cellulose that is derived from the natural wood-pulp of fast growing softwood trees.  Cellulose seals tell your customer that others have not tampered with the contents of the container.  The advantages of using these seals are:

  • no special machinery is needed
  • no heat is required
  • they are biodegradable

Our sealing bands come in precut sizes.  They help to keep the contents of the containers sanitary and free from dust and dirt.  They are applied wet and shrink as they dry.  Instructions for application are as follows:  Apply wet by hand.  Allow to dry naturally.  They will shrink to the shape of the container.  They usually start to shrink within 10-15 minutes.  Within 1 hour most shrink to their final dimensions but this can vary by air temperature, humidity, contents of bottle etc.  The bands must be stored in the special solution in which they are shipped.  If you would like a sample, please call us at 203-288-3851 or you may email

Celon Bands


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Author: Gail

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