Blue Epoxy/Phenolic Lined Steel Pail (Drum)


We stock a 5 gallon blue tight head, or closed head, steel pail, or drum, with a Rieke opening, which means that you would need to attach a Rieke spout in order to use the drum.   Click here for more information on Rieke spouts.  This drum is lined with a 2 coat buff/epoxy phenolic lining.  This lining has more flexibility than a straight phenolic lining, which tends to crack at dents.  It would be suitable for food products, detergents and latex paints, although we strongly recommend testing of your product.  It has a UN rating of UN1A1/Y1.8/300.  Click here for more information on UN ratings.  This pail is 0.5 ga or 24 gauge.







This has been an article on steel pail linings.


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Author: Gail

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