Buying a jerrican (jerry can)

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By definition, a jerrican (sometimes spelled jerry can or jerrycan)  is a narrow flat-sided container for storing or transporting liquids, usually holding about 5 gallons.  We stock 5 gallon rectangular delex drums in blue, natural and black. They are made of HDPE, high density polyethylene and have a UN rating of UN3H1/Y1.9/150.  The blue (item # NAMPAC400851) and natural (item# NAMPAC400852) plastic drums are food grade. The black storage box (item # NAMPAC400850) is not food grade. These jerricans have a 2″ buttress plug with a 3/4″ NPS (national pipe standard) reducer and a built in handle for easy lifting. We also stock a 3/4″ spigot (also referred to as a flo rite faucet) for these containers (item# RKCDF103503). Jerricans have the benefit of being stackable, dent resistant, weather resistant and corrosion free.

Among other things these containers can hold:

  • water
  • chemicals
  • motor oil
  • diesel fuel
  • detergents
  • cleaning solutions
  • edible oils (except the black drum)
  • pool chemicals


Round 5 Gallon Plastic Drum


If you prefer a round 5 gallon plastic drum, we sell a natural and a blue one.




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