Carafe Bottle with Trigger Sprayer for Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

One of our most popular plastic bottles is our 32 ounce white carafe with a trigger sprayer (sold separately).  The bottle with the sprayer attached is shown in the picture at right. Many of our customers make their own products which they then package in our carafe.  Add a custom label and the package is complete.  The unique shape of this bottle makes a nice presentation on your shelf.  Some products we have seen packaged in this bottle are:

  • Green home cleaning solutions
  • Awning cleaning solutions
  • Organic plant fertizilers
  • Organic bed bug sprays

Some of our customers buy both a trigger sprayer and a cap (closure).  They then ship the bottle with the cap on and once the customer is ready to use the bottle, they switch to the trigger sprayer.  For your convenience, we have added several other caps below that can be used with this bottle.





32 Ounce Carafe

28410 Trigger Sprayer

Closure Choices








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Author: Gail

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