Change Log


About the Change Log

The change log is  a place to keep visitors, customers, suppliers and employees up to date with changes that have been made to the site, pricing pages etc.

Where appropriate we will indicate the type of changes and link to relevant details.

Recent Changes:


7/14/14  Implemented a global and local caching systems and other optimizations to handle increased traffic load. The site is running much faster now and doing a better job of keeping up with the increased traffic levels.

3/12/14  Increased number of articles returned per pages for searches, tags and category items give the volume of articles that are likely to be created.

1/20/14 Added tag output to article content areas. These tags will create links of all tags assigned to an article so a visitor can find similarly tag items. This will provide a better overall visitor experience and make obvious what tags certain articles lack by putting the tags selected in clear view.

1/20/14 Starting process of creating legacy pages that will be used as landing pages for our old pages from all our site versions and various old pages that were relegated to “archived” but which continue to receive traffic and have been linked to heavily. This process will use htaccess redirects to bring uniformity to all old pages.

1/19/14 Auto-replace routine. Added and auto replace routine that will automatically replace item number posted in any articles with links to the product page.

1/10/14 Cumulative updates. Most front end public features are operating fantastically and offer a variety of new features.

12/12/13 Back end paperwork, bills of lading, ticket manager and other employee related items are all operating well. Moving on to public items.

9/5/13 Continuing work on back end employee tools. Expecting this work to take several months as many of the programs need to be updated to operate within the new framework.

8/27/13 Began implementing live author accounts. Created individual tag clouds for 4 authors at the footer of the site.

8/26/13 Setup other authors to contribute content to the site.

8/25/13 Two weeks prepping site for other user partcipation and implement better product data retrieval.

8/13/13 Implemented new theme. Making updated to accommodate and implement backend order processing and shipping function. Cumulative of six weeks work.

6/20/13 Added pictures of 5 gallon tight head pails / drums. A flo-rite faucet was also pictures with the tight heads.  We also added and pictures for plastic tubs and food containers.

6/20/13  Added group pictures of plastic pails. The pictures for the threaded and twist and lock pail focused on the locking teeth and the twist and lock mechanism to give a better idea how these pails and closures work. And individual picture was included for our 2.5 gallon ice cream pails showing the easy open cover.

6/20/13 Added group pictures to plastic bottles area and refined a couple of the descriptions to include items that might be of interest such as the smaller f style jugs, large 5 gallon rectangular and cubitainers. Images for cubitainers and the 5 gallon bottle will be up later today.

6/18/13 Added a quick article describing the difference between thickwall and regular wall plastic jars. See Article

6/18/13 Updated glass jars page to collect item listings according to style.

6/18/13 Added images of clear polystyrene plastic jars.

6/18/13 Added new images of clarified plastic jars and  white thick wall jars. The new images can be easily expanded to a full 1000 px which will give visitors greater opportunity to see close ups of images without restricting them to the the confines that modular window ofter imposes.