Child Resistant and Senior Friendly Plastic Pails

Our 3.5 gallon and 5 gallon Twist & Lock pails have a unique closure system that passes child-resistant and senior-friendly protocols.  The patented twist and lock closure system offers a high level of end user convenience.  Both sizes are UN certified and constructed of high density polyethylene.  They are 90 MIL.  The covers close by twisting the lid to lock in place.  The pails can be opened by pushing the tab and twisting the cover.  There are several pictures of the pails and covers below.  Another feature of these pails is that they have plastic handles.  Plastic handles are great in applications where steel handles can be damaged by corrosion.  These pails may be used for the following applications:

  • swimming pool chemicals
  • chemicals
  • granules
  • powders

As it is the responsibility of the end user to insure that his/her product is compatible with the packaging, we would be happy to send a sample for testing with your product.


Twist & Lock Pails – Lid Sold Separately





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