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168 Ounce Canister
40 Ounce Peanut Buttter Jar
Regular Wall Jars
Thick Wall Jars


We stock several clear plastic jars and one 168 ounce PVC plastic handled canister.  Our 40 ounce clear round jar is made out of PET.  The remaining jars, whether regular wall or thick wall are made from clear polystyrene.  All of these jars are food grade.  Please note that thick wall jars are special order and we do not keep them in stock.  We ask that you receive a sample before ordering as these jars are not returnable.  Polystyrene is a clear plastic that does not do well with essential oils which tend to leach into the plastic and cloud the styrene.  Obtaining a sample in advance will help you to insure that your product is compatible with the container you are purchasing.





40 Ounce Clear Round PET Jar

168 Ounce PVC Handled Canister

Clear Polystyrene Regular Wall Jars

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Clear Polystyrene Thick Wall Jars

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