Clear Plastic Jars – Styrene Jars – 1/4 Ounce to 40 Ounces

Clear plastic styrene jars in regular wall style are available in sizes that range from as tiny as 1/4 ounce to as large as 40 ounces.  The thick wall jars are available from 1/4 ounce to 16 ounces.  These jars have a bead, or lip, around the top of the jar just under the thread that acts as a protective barrier for the side wall of the container during shipping and storage.  This lip helps secure a tamper evident shrink band when one is used.  Styrene jars are crystal clear, as clear as glass, for a fraction of the price.  Inexpensive and attractive, these jars are also food safe.  These are straight sided, injection molded jars.  Consider them for spa jars, craft projects, spices or parts.  As always, it is the responsibility of the shipper to be sure that the product being packaged is compatible with the packaging.  Please call for a sample for testing with your product.  We can advise, however, that generally any product with essential oils will not do well in polystyrene jars.



Regular Wall Polystyrene Jars

Our regular wall styrene jars are available in sizes as small as 1/4 ounce up to our largest styrene jar at 40 ounces.

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Thick Wall Polystyrene Jars

Our thick wall styrene jars are available in sizes as small as 1/4 ounce up to our largest styrene thick wall jar at 16 ounces.  An explanation of thick wall jars can be found in this article.

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Tamper Evident Shrink Bands

Looking for shrink bands?  You can find them listed on this page.

Caps and Closures

For a list of caps and closures, please check this page.


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