Closing Instructions

We sometimes are asked if we provide closing instructions for some of our containers. We do provide instructions for UN rated items. Some instructions might be as simple as telling you what cover can be used to maintain a UN rating, for example, UN1A2/Y30/S with cover CSCC-85-01LC or cover CSCC-85-01DC with CSCRLRING. On a slip top fiber drum you might find – Push cover down till it touches top of drum body, secure with 3″ wide adhesive backed tape, intertape polymer group 321 carton sealing tape, reinforced fibergalss or equivalent, wrap completely around 3 times, 1-1/2″ on cover and 1-1/2″ on drum body –  Press firmly in place. A tight-head steel pail might say something like 24GA steel, 1 coat epoxy/phenolic lined 2″ rieke titegrip steel plug with white EPT Gasket. UN1A1/Y1.8/250 – 49CFR178.2(c) Notification – Torque 2″ plug to 30 Ft-Lbs. A different type of tight-head pail that takes a rieke spout that must be purchased separately might say – Dust cap over rieke opening – R9 is a red phenolic lining – UN1A1/X1.4/280 – 49CFR178.2 (c) Notification – Use with rieke flexspouts – crimp with rieke crimping tool – check crimp with gage #G101-1. And, of course, if there is any question, you can always call us.


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Author: Gail

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