Containers for D-limonene Based Cleaning Products

We stock four sizes of F style fluorinated containers that may be suitable for D-limonene based cleaning products.  These containers have an in-line fluorination process that is adapted to standard blow molding technology to produce an effective permeation barrier at the inner walls of plastic containers.  This in-line fluorination process results in a permanent chemical modification of the container surface without leaving a residue or causing discoloration.  This leaves the treated surface highly resistant to deterioration from chemical attack.  The inner barrier resists permeation by solvent based chemicals up to 500 times better than untreated HDPE.  D-limonene may cause the sides of untreated HDPE containers to collapse inward and it may also permeate through the package causing the labels to peel off and possibly effecting the integrity of the product.  That is why these containers may be a good choice for your cleaning products. As always, it is the shippers responsibility to be sure the product is compatible with the packaging.  Please call for a sample for testing with your product.










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Author: Gail

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