Containers with 100mm Openings

Our 18 ounce vapor lock container has a 100mm opening.  Covers for these containers are sold separately.  For more information on vapor lock containers please click on the link below.  We also carry regular wall and thick wall injection molded jars in either white or clarified polypropylene with a 100 400 opening.


18 Ounce Vapor Lock – Lid Sold Separately

Our 18 ounce vapor lock container is a rugged container.

For more information on our vapor lock containers, please click here.

Regular Wall Injection Molded Plastic Jars

Available in clarified or white polypropylene, our jars with a 100 400 opening come in 6, 8 or 10 ounces.

Thick Wall Injection Molded Plastic Jars

Thick wall jars are available in 6, 8 and 10 ounce sizes in either clarified or white polypropylene.  All thick wall jars are special order, and we suggest getting a sample before ordering as these jars are not returnable.

100mm Cap









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