Cost Efficient All Fiber Drums for Packaging Dry Products

If you are looking for a cost efficient container to ship and store dry products, perhaps all fiber drums would be an option.  These drums have no metal parts, making them easy to recycle. We stock these drums in sizes from 1 gallon through 27.5 gallons.  They are a sturdy, yet light weight container for shipping dry products such as powders, soaps, sweeping compounds, metal parts and more.  We carry these drums in two styles – standard all fiber and all fiber transport.  The standard all fiber drums have a rugged double wall construction and telescoping covers that are slipped over the body of the drum to fit flush with the outer shell sidewall to provide sift-proof closure when tape sealed.  The all fiber transport drums have a sturdy single wall construction with a telescoping cover for offset tape closure.  You will find in the description of each drum the UN rating of the drum.  Not all drums have a UN designation. Also in the description, you will find the net weight limit of the drum.  As an example, our 1 gallon standard all fiber drum will show 115 lb NWL in the description.  This applies to non hazardous products.  Hazardous materials are limited by the gross mass shown in the UN marking.  For example, UN1G/Y30/S indicates a gross mass of 30 Kilograms (product & container) – 1 KG = 2.2 lbs.  As always, product compatibility with the container is the responsibility of the end user and we suggest you obtain a sample for testing with your product.

All Fiber Drums in Sizes from 1 Gallon – 27.5 Gallons













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